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Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ Idler Sprocket

Idlers are used to take-up extra belt length and provide adjustment for tensioning belt drives. Idler pulleys and sprockets can alter belt paths and clear obstructions.

  • Idler assembly may consist of: idler sprocket and bracket, flat idler and bracket, standard sheave or sprocket used with an idler bearing and idler bracket.
  • Idler sprockets, flat idlers and idler bushings contain sealed ball bearings and an integral shaft for mounting to adjustable idler brackets.
  • Lubrication and maintenance are not required.

All Parts

Part # Product # Description Pitch Diameter Rebore Material Profile
20IDLSPRK 77201600 20-IDL-SPRK 5.263 in false Steel GT
14M30S37IDLSPRK 77201610 37-IDL-SPRK 5.236 in false Steel GT
125IDLSPRK 77201630 125-IDL-SPRK 5.965 in false Steel GT
68IDLSPRK 77201620 68-IDL-SPRK 5.965 in false Steel GT
14M34S90IDLSPRK 77201640 90-IDL-SPRK 5.965 in false Steel GT
12IDLRSPRK 77201500 12-IDL-SPRK 3.208 in false Steel GT
21IDLSPRK 77201510 21-IDL-SPRK 3.208 in false Steel GT
36IDLSPRK 77201520 36-IDL-SPRK 3.609 in false Steel GT
62IDLSPRK 77201530 62-IDL-SPRK 3.609 in false Steel GT