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CDX TM High Performance Sprocket

Global trekking, high-mileage touring, competitive racing, or rugged off-roading: Gates® CDX™ line of sprockets (including CDX:EXP and CDX:SL), perform in the harshest conditions. Rooted in technology originally designed for dragsters, our CDX line brings similar power, reliability, and durability to bicycles. Less weight. Instant engagement. More fun. CDX and CDX:EXP front sprockets are the best choice for high-mileage touring or rugged off-roading. Gates offers several lines of rear sprockets for peak performance in any environment. CDX, CDX:EXP, CDX:SL.

  • Front sprockets are made of a light, robust, and rust-free alloy.
  • CDX and CDX:EXP high-performance rear sprockets are made of sturdy stainless steel.
  • CDX:SL rear sprockets are constructed from 7075 T6 Aluminum (ideal for reducing overall weight).

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Part # Product # Description Rebore
CT1119FMN 78980256 CT1119FMN false
CT1119RMN-E 78980284 CT1119RMN-E false
CT1119RSMN 78980352 CT1119RSMN false
CT1120RMN-E 78980285 CT1120RMN-E false
CT1120RSMN 78980353 CT1120RSMN false
CT1120SMN 78980141 CT1120SMN false
CT1121AMN-4575 78980436 CT1121AMN-4575 false
CT1121FMN 78980119 CT1121FMN false
CT1121SMN 78980453 CT1121SMN false
CT1122BMN-0-R-K 78980444 CT1122BMN-0-R-K false
1-10 of 65 Items