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Light Duty Sheaves-Variable Pitch

Our variable pitch sheaves are engineered for mechanical drive speed variations that are efficient, easy to install, and easy to adjust for your light-duty applications.

  • Sheave grooves are precision machined to ensure an exact fit
  • Available in single- or double-groove designs

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Part # Product # Description Outside Diameter Bore Range Max Bushing Number of Grooves Face Width Stock Bore
1VP25.1/2 / 1VP25X1/2 78101108 1VP25 X 1/2 CI SHEV 2.32 in 0.5 in
1VP25.3/4 / 1VP25.3/4 78101112 1VP25 X 3/4 CI SHEV 2.58 in 0.75 in
1VP25.5/8 / 1VP25.5/8 78101110 1VP25 X 5/8 CI SHEV 2.58 in 0.625 in
1VP30.1/2 / 1VP30X1/2 78101208 1VP30 X 1/2 CI SHEV 2.87 in 0.5 in
1VP30.3/4 / 1VP30X3/4 78101212 1VP30 X 3/4 CI SHEV 2.87 in 0.75 in
1VP30.5/8 / 1VP30X5/8 78101210 1VP30 X 5/8 CI SHEV 2.87 in 0.625 in
1VP34 1 / 1VP341 78101316 1VP34 X 1 CI SHEV 3.15 in 1 in
1VP34 1.1/8 / 1VP341.1/8 78101318 1VP34 X 1 1/8 CI SHEV 3.15 in 1.125 in
1VP34.1/2 / 1VP34X1/2 78101308 1VP34 X 1/2 CI SHEV 3.15 in 0.5 in
1VP34.3/4 / 1VP34X3/4 78101312 1VP34 X 3/4 CI SHEV 3.15 in 0.75 in
1-10 of 125 Items

Multiple Speeds. One Simple Solution.

These variable pitch sheaves effectively refine drive speeds in light-duty applications, including fans and blowers, industrial water, pump applications, and more. With Gates® durable, precision-manufactured sheaves, an on-site technician can easily adjust the drive speed in seconds.

Does Your Application Need Non-Standard Sheaves?

When standard power transmission components can't get the job done, Gates® team of product application engineers and experts can manufacture solutions exactly to your application specifications, pitches, and profiles. If you need custom sheaves, contact the Gates MachineWorks team.