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DriveAlign® Idler Pulleys

DriveAlign ® Idler Pulleys provide OE-quality fit to passenger cars and light trucks, performing as a locked center tensioning pulley, an automatic belt tensioner pulley, or an idler pulley.

  • OE-quality fit to virtually every domestic or import vehicle on the road today
  • Built to last with a superior resistance to dirt, salt, chemicals, and other under-hood contaminants
  • Steel and thermoplastic construction provides high durability, heat dissipation, and dampening for long life
  • Reliable operation under severe conditions
  • Bearings meet or exceed OE standards with application-specific speed and load requirements, with high operating temperature tolerance and less wobble.
  • Mounting hardware included for some popular applications
  • Gates idler pulleys also reduce wear, vibration, and friction on belts, thereby extending belt service life

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Part # Product # Description Contents Number of Pulleys
36026 78031126 36026 DRIVEALIGN IDLER PULLEY Pulley 1
36060 78031160 36060 DRIVEALIGN IDLER PULLEY Pulley 1
36079 78031179 36079 DRIVEALIGN IDLER PULLEY Pulley, Bolt, Washer, Dust Shield 1
36086 78031186 36086 DRIVEALIGN IDLER PULLEY Pulley 1
36087 78031187 36087 DRIVEALIGN IDLER PULLEY Pulley 1
36091 78031191 36091 DRIVEALIGN IDLER PULLEY Pulley 1
36092 78031192 36092 DRIVEALIGN IDLER PULLEY Pulley 1
36093 78031193 36093 DRIVEALIGN IDLER PULLEY Pulley 1
36094 78031194 36094 DRIVEALIGN IDLER PULLEY Pulley 1
36095 78031195 36095 DRIVEALIGN IDLER PULLEY Pulley 1
1-10 of 257 Items

Several Vehicle Systems Rely on Idler Pulleys.

You can rely on superior quality, value, and durability from Gates® products. Between smooth belt routing and accurate tensioning, your idler pulley assists in vehicle air conditioning compressors, alternators, power steering pumps, water pumps, and other various engine accessories that are critical to vehicle performance.

Trust Gates® to deliver DriveAlign™ solutions that are manufactured at the same high standards and specifications as vehicle OEMs, with sell packaging that helps automotive technicians easily identify the right fit for every vehicle.

Be System Smart with Your ABDS.

To reduce customer comebacks, labor time, and warranty claims, Gates® always recommends that you Be System Smart by checking your Accessory Belt Drive System (ABDS) and other vehicle systems at 60,000 miles conduct a full replacement at 90,000 miles.


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