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Product # 77236425

Idlers are used to take-up extra belt length and provide adjustment for tensioning belt drives. Idler pulleys and sprockets can alter belt paths and clear obstructions.

  • Idler assembly may consist of: idler sprocket and bracket, flat idler and bracket, standard sheave or sprocket used with an idler bearing and idler bracket.
  • Idler sprockets, flat idlers and idler bushings contain sealed ball bearings and an integral shaft for mounting to adjustable idler brackets.
  • Lubrication and maintenance are not required.
  • Product Details
    Part # 6.50X4.25-IDL-FLAT  /  6.50X4.25-IDL
    Product # 77236425
    Description 6.50X4.25-IDL-FLAT
    UPC 770075459682
    Rebore false
    Material Cast Iron
  • Product Attributes
    Use With V-Belt 4-5 Strand B/BX
    Use with Synchronous Belt: Pitch 14mm
    Use with Synchronous Belt: Width Up to 90mm
  • Specifications
    A (in) 2.38
    B (in) 1.50
    C (in) .13
    D (in) 1.98
    E (in) 7.06
    Outside Diameter (in) 6.50
    Thread Size 1-14
  • Belt / Sprocket Specifications
    Bearing No. 6308
    Face Width (in) 4.25
  • Application
    Markets/Applications Recommended for drives with limited take-up or no center distance adjustment. Idlers may remain in a fixed location or may be adjustable to allow belt pre-tension take-up.
  • Packaging details
    Customer Pack 1
    Weight (lbs.) 33