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Honda VTEC Spool Valves and Gaskets

OE performance Variable Timing Spool Valve and Filters for Honda VTEC systems provide a cost-saving alternative to replacing the complete spool valve and, if serviced, can extend the life of the spool valve. These gaskets are constructed from high quality materials for durability and maximum service life. They effectively restore engine performance for better fuel economy, enhanced power and reduced emissions.

  • Direct replacement ensures an exact fit, easy installation and leak free seal.
  • Micron screen filters are constructed out of polished stainless steel to prevent corrosion and designed to filter out harmful particles as small as 0.0059" (0.149mm) to prevent spool valve failure.

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VVS900 74731900 VVS900 VVS GASKET GATR
VVS901 74731901 VVS901 VVS GASKET GATR
VVS902 74731902 VVS902 VVS GASKET GATR
VVS903 74731903 VVS903 VVS GASKET GATR
VVS904 74731904 VVS904 VVS GASKET GATR
VVS905 74731905 VVS905 VVS GASKET GATR
VVS906 74731906 VVS906 VVS GASKET GATR
VVS907 74731907 VVS907 VVS GASKET GATR
VVS908 74731908 VVS908 VVS GASKET GATR
1-9 of 9 Items