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RPM® Micro-V® Belts

Racing, Performance, Muscle. The only belt in the industry specifically designed for high-output and forced induction engines. Specially-engineered to deliver maximum boost and performance, these belts feature the most advanced technology.

  • Advanced, exact-fit and precision-ground belt profile.
  • Two layers of adhesion gum for maximum strength and durability.
  • High-modulus, low stretch aramid cord.
  • Nylon-fiber reinforced undercord.
  • Strict OEM dimensional specifications.

All Parts

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Part # Product # Description Num Ribs Section Effective Length (in) Effective Length (mm)
K030250RPM 855293250 K030250RPM RACING MICRO-V 3 K 25.17 639
K030295RPM 855293295 K030295RPM RACING MICRO-V 3 K 29.55 751
K030300RPM 855293300 K030300RPM RACING MICRO-V 3 K 30.19 767
K030334RPM 855293334 K030334RPM RACING MICRO-V 3 K 33.46 850
K040220RPM 855294220 K040220RPM RACING MICRO-V 4 K 22.11 562
K040274RPM 855294274 K040274RPM RACING MICRO-V 4 K 27.38 695
K040292RPM 855294292 K040292RPM RACING MICRO-V
K040300RPM 855294300 K040300RPM RACING MICRO-V 4 K 30.19 767
K040305RPM 855294305 K040305RPM RACING MICRO-V 4 K 30.65 779
K040310RPM 855294310 K040310RPM RACING MICRO-V 4 K 31.13 791
1-10 of 310 Items


If your customers are serious about winning, offer them RPM® belts from Gates. Specially-engineered to deliver optimum boost from forced induction engines, these belts feature the most advanced technology to reduce heat, noise, vibration, and belt slip for increased durability, improved power transmission and unsurpassed boost.


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