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Gates Micro-V® Stretch Fit® Belts

Stretch Fit Drive Systems Demand Highly Engineered Solutions. Gates® Micro-V® Stretch Fit Belts, with exclusive self-tensioning technology, were the first Aftermarket belts engineered to fit like a glove and perform properly on these unique stretch fit drive systems and Gates continues to add coverage to this growing market segment.

  • Gates engineered tensile cord has the needed combination of strength and flexibility using advanced polyamide tensile cord.
  • Patented highly engineered EPDM belt ribs are extremely resistant to contamination, wear and pilling.
  • Specially formulated adhesive literally locks on to the cord - allowing the cord to elongate and stretch, but never lose tension.
  • Stretch Fit belts are single use only, and must be replaced if removed.

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Part # Product # Description Num Ribs Section Effective Length (in) Effective Length (mm)
K030195SF 85560006 K030195SF STRETCH FIT 3 K 19.5 495
K030196SF 85560014 K030196SF STRETCH FIT 3 K 19.58 497
K030250SF 85560007 K030250SF STRETCH FIT 3 K 25.04 636
K030293SF 85560025 K030293SF STRETCH FIT 3 K 29.37 746
K030303SF 85560045 K030303SF STRETCH FIT 3 K 30.35 771
K030309SF 85560023 K030309SF STRETCH FIT 3 K 30.98 787
K030315SF 85560044 K030315SF STRETCH FIT 3 K 31.54 801
K030334SF 85560041 K030334SF STRETCH FIT 3 K 33.45 850
K040245SF 85560027 K040245SF STRETCH FIT 4 K 24.528 623
K040270SF 85560024 K040270SF STRETCH FIT 4 K 27 686
1-10 of 41 Items


Our Gates Micro-V® Belts are the result of over 100 years in pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement. Gates product application and material engineering teams benchmark OEM constructions and length as the goal for each belt. But we don’t stop there. We're always pushing to optimize materials and construction to reduce noise, vibration and premature failure. The result? The quietest and highest performing belts in the industry.