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Gates Micro-V® Belts

Import or domestic, car or truck, every vehicle can depend on the superior quality of Gates® precision fit Micro-V® belts. With advanced technology that matches the OE size, construction and materials, Gates Micro-V ensures optimal vehicle performance. Micro-V belts provide peak operating performance while delivering the highest value on the market.

  • Special belt construction eliminates belt noise, reduces tension loss, and solves problem drive applications.
  • Utilizes advanced materials like Aramid Fiber found in bullet-proof vests and crack and heat-resistant EPDM materials.
  • Meets or exceeds all specifications from the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

All Parts

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Part # Product # Description Num Ribs Section Effective Length (in) Effective Length (mm)
K030195 85523295 K030195 MICRO-V BELT 3 K 19.49 495
K030220 85522126 K030220 MICRO-V BELT 3 K 22.11 562
K030231 85523462 K030231 MICRO-V BELT 3 K 23.18 589
K030236 85522539 K030236 MICRO-V BELT 3 K 23.66 601
K030240 85522414 K030240 MICRO-V BELT 3 K 24.18 614
K030243 85523341 K030243 MICRO-V BELT 3 K 24.33 618
K030245 85528645 K030245 MICRO-V BELT 3 K 24.65 626
K030250 85528617 K030250 MICRO-V BELT 3 K 25.17 639
K030265 85523208 K030265 MICRO-V BELT 3 K 26.55 674
K030267 85522481 K030267 MICRO-V BELT 3 K 26.8 681
1-10 of 920 Items

Peak Performance Belt After Belt.

Our Micro-V Belts are the result of over 100 years in pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement. Gates® product application and material engineering teams benchmark OEM constructions and length as the goal for each belt. But we don’t stop there. We're always pushing to optimize materials and construction to reduce noise, vibration and premature failure. The result? The quietest and highest performing belts in the industry.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible construction allows the belt to withstand billions of topside and backside bends in ABDS applications, resulting in long belt life.
  • Designed for small diameter pulleys, backside idlers, and for use with (or without) automatic tensioners.
  • Unique form grinding of each individual belt assures precise dimensional control.
  • Gates recommends replacing serpentine belts at 90,000 to prevent vehicle breakdowns, or as advised by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Meets or exceeds SAE J1459, SAE J2432, and SAE J1596 specifications.

Be System Smart.

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