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Gates® Micro-V® Aramid Belts

Gates, the leader in automotive Serpentine belt drive systems, collaborates with OE manufacturers globally to continually evolve the performance and durability of belt drives. Certain vehicle engines require specific belt constructions, such as aramid tensile cord, to provide long belt life, and eliminate noise and vibration that are inherent on these drives. Utilizing this same technology for the Aftermarket, Gates offers Aramid cord belt for specified vehicles. This construction matches the OEM to assure a quiet and smooth functioning belt, with the same performance and durability as the OEM part. For guaranteed OE performance, use Gates Micro-V Aramid Serpentine Belts.

  • Essential for specific demanding accessory belt drives (Turbo, Diesel, high RPM).
  • Exact OEM aramid cord construction replacement - superior to polyester tensile cords that most serpentine belts come with.
  • Extends life of the belt and other accessory drive components.
  • Reduces noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).

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Part # Product # Description Num Ribs Section Effective Length (in) Effective Length (mm)
K030267A 86260000 K030267A MICRO-V AT BELT 3 K 26.65 677
K040488A 86260030 K040488A MICRO-V AT BELT 4 K 48.82 1240
K060396A 86260016 K060396A MICRO-V AT BELT 6 K 39.69 1008
K060469A 86260031 K060469A MICRO-V AT BELT 6 K 46.97 1193
K060473A 86260035 K060473A MICRO-V AT BELT 6 K 47.44 1205
K060480A 86260032 K060480A MICRO-V AT BELT 6 K 47.99 1219
K060563A 86260033 K060563A MICRO-V AT BELT 6 K 56.26 1429
K060664A 86260020 K060664A MICRO-V AT BELT 6 K 66.38 1686
K060711A 86260034 K060711A MICRO-V AT BELT 6 K 71.18 1808
K060726A 86260015 K060726A MICRO-V AT BELT 6 K 72.56 1843
1-10 of 33 Items


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