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Industrial Micro-V® M-Section Belts

Our exclusive truncated belt profile gives Gates® Micro-V® M-Section belts increased flexibility and resistance to heat buildup, enabling better performance at higher speeds on smaller diameter sheaves. This makes Gates Micro-V belts an ideal choice for applications where space is at a premium, such as appliances, roller conveyors, machine tools, and medical equipment.

  • High Modulus, low stretch tensile member for added strength and dependability
  • Meets RMA oil and heat resistant standards; Meets RMA static conductivity requirements
  • Fiber Reinforced Ribs provide excellent wear resistance
  • Runs smoothly dampening vibration during high speed operation
  • Long life span due to extra load carrying capacity
  • High temperature range tolerance (-31°F - 175°F)
  • Available in multiple common rib widths; custom rib widths available

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Part # Product # Description Section Num. Ribs Out. Circ. (in) Out. Circ. (mm) Eff. Len. (in) Eff. Len. (mm)
1060M10 / 1060M10 917410610 1060M10 MICRO-V 106
1060M12 / 1060M12 917410612 1060M12 MICRO-V 106
1060M14 / 1060M14 917410614 1060M14 MICRO-V 106
1060M16 / 1060M16 917410616 1060M16 MICRO-V 106
1060M18 / 1060M18 917410618 1060M18 MICRO-V 106
1060M20 / 1060M20 917410620 1060M20 MICRO-V 106
1060M22 / 1060M22 917410622 1060M22 MICRO-V 106
1060M24 / 1060M24 917410624 1060M24 MICRO-V 106
1060M26 / 1060M26 917410626 1060M26 MICRO-V 106
1060M28 / 1060M28 917410628 1060M28 MICRO-V 106
1-10 of 275 Items

Engineered to Perform Better

Through our exclusive manufacturing process, belt ribs are shortened, producing numerous benefits in applications operating on small diameter pulleys. This process ensures belt flexibility, inhibits heat build-up, and provides resistance to rib cracking, resulting in a stronger, safer, more reliable Micro-V belt.

Power Transmission Meets Material Science

Our Gates Micro-V M-Section belts push the boundaries of material science. The fiber-filled compound adds strength for improved stability, while flex-bonded polyester-based cords enable balanced load distribution and less stress from flexing.