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Gates® Micro-V® Stop & Start Belts

Gates® Micro-V® Start & Stop Belts serve as a core component of next-generation starter generator systems, promoting increased fuel efficiency, smaller and virtually silent operation.

  • Micro-V Start& Stop belts provides high performance, delivering more than 600,000 starts
  • Extends life of the belt and other accessory drive components
  • Reduced noise output, vibration and harshness (NVH)
  • Service life in excess of 150,000 miles
  • Advanced belt material composition
  • High load and flex capacity

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Part # Product # Description Section Num. Ribs Out. Circ. (in) Out. Circ. (mm) Eff. Len. (in) Eff. Len. (mm)
K070381EMD 85510014 K070381EMD MICRO-V EMD BELTS K 7 38.63 981 38.11 968
K070415EMD 85510013 K070415EMD MICRO-V EMD BELTS K 7 42 1068 41.57 1056
K070491EMD 85510000 K070491EMD MICRO-V EMD BELTS K 7 49.625 1261 49.11 1247
K070508EMD 85510012 K070508EMD MICRO-V EMD BELTS K 7 51.375 1305 50.79 1290
1-4 of 4 Items

A Material Difference

Gates® Micro-V® Start & Stop Belts are specially constructed using a high-performance rubber compound, enhanced cord material, and advanced adhesion technology. The result is a Micro-V belt specially suited operate at high performance in next generation vehicle starter-generator systems.

A Lifetime of Performance

Our attention to material science, engineering innovation, and our long-term partnerships with the world's leading automotive manufacturers lead Gates to continually push the limits of how our power transmission products perform. Micro-V EMD Belts are an example of this innovation, providing improved efficiency and performance and dependability to last the lifespan of conventional vehicle operation.


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