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Product # 85550897

Gates® FleetRunner® Heavy Duty Micro-V® belts are engineered to save your fleet money and lost service time. Patented EPDM construction with distinct green overcord built specifically for more durability, superior flexibility, stability, and longer life on heavy-duty drives. Haul more. Drive longer.

  • Patented material provides peak performance at prolonged extreme operating temperatures
  • Heavy-duty construction resists cracking and wear, even at extreme temperatures
  • Special compound provides unmatched flexibility, stability, load carrying capacity and belt life
  • Product Details
    Part # K100437HD
    Product # 85550897
    Description K100437HD FLEETRUNNER MICRO-V
    UPC 770075241621
    Section K
    Num. Ribs 10
    Out. Circ. (in) 44.263
    Outside Circumference (mm) 1124
    Eff. Len. (in) 43.7
    Eff. Len. (mm) 1110
    Top Width (in) 1.367
    Top Width (mm) 35
  • Packaging details
    Customer Pack 1
    Weight (lbs.) 0.37
  • Fits models

Features and Benefits

  • Unique undercord notch pattern offers increased flexibility for smaller diameter pulleys
  • Outperforms the competition on the most troublesome drives
  • Problem-solver designed for the toughest applications
  • Consistently outperforms all competitors
  • Oil and heat-resistant.

Did You Know?

Heavy-Duty Serpentine System diagnostics start with the tensioner. Many of the symptoms that indicate a problem with the heavy-duty serpentine belt drive system – squeal, vibration, and excessive belt wear – can be traced to a worn or failed tensioner. That’s why the tensioner is the best place to start when diagnosing trouble.