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Appliance Micro-V® Belts

Specially designed to replace original equipment belts on laundry equipment or low horsepower applications requiring V-Ribbed belts.

  • The truncated belt designed with fiber-reinforced ribs offers up to 80% higher horsepower capacity than RMA standards
  • Increased flexibility and reduced heat buildup permit extra high speeds on smaller diameter sheaves
  • These belts are highly resistant to oil, heat and other adverse conditions and are energy efficient

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Part # Product # Description Section Num. Ribs Out. Circ. (in) Out. Circ. (mm) Eff. Len. (in) Eff. Len. (mm)
6698 89036698 6698 SPECIAL APPL BELT 7M 48.03 1220 48.03 1220
J060293 82706381 J060293 APPL MICRO-V J 6 29.75 755 29.3 744
J060328 82706388 J060328 APPL MICRO-V J 6 33.5 850 33.09 840
1-3 of 3 Items