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Automotive Timing Belts

Simply put, no one does Timing Belts with better design, or bigger market reach, than Gates. As a leading global manufacturer of OE Timing Belts, we've set the standard on creating aftermarket Timing Belts that meet or exceed OE standards of function, performance, and fit. Resistant to heat, wear, and contamination, Gates® automotive timing belts have extensive coverage for millions of import and domestic vehicles.

  • PTFE-infused jackets to reduce frictional losses and tooth shear
  • High grade HNBR rubber for superior heat and contamination resistance
  • Premium tensile members providing maximum strength
  • Aramid reinforced nylon jackets and backsides increase durability and lifetime
  • Genuine warranty equal to OE replacement interval

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Part # Product # Description Profile Width Pitch Pitch Length Number of Teeth
85950412 T702 GEXP
85950512 T750 TIMING BELT
85950201 T854
85950203 T853 TIMING BELT
85950149 T811 TMNG BELT
85950716 T1516
85950449 T741 GEXP
85950833 T1601 GEXP
85950243 T900 GEXP
85950492 T724 TIMING BELT
1-10 of 459 Items

Gates® is the Global Leader in Timing Belt Technology.

Gates manufacturing facilities and research & development locations are centered near OE vehicle production facilities around the world. This facilitates a strong and focused OE relationship ensuring we develop products that meet or exceed the tough OE performance specifications, and allow us to stay ahead of market innovations for timing belt applications.

Be System Smart with Your ABDS.

To reduce customer comebacks, labor time, and warranty claims, Gates® always recommends that you Be System Smart by checking your Accessory Belt Drive System (ABDS) and other vehicle systems at 60,000 miles, and conducting a full replacement at 90,000 miles.