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    PowerGrip® GT®2 Sprockets

    PowerGrip® GT®2 Sprockets are specially engineered and manufactured to work with PowerGrip® GT® and PowerGrip® GT®2 belts, delivering maximum performance and superior reliability.

    • Precision manufactured and static balanced to eliminate sprocket wobble.
    • Designed to keep the load closer to the bearing and extend reducer life.
    • Easy installation and removal due to full split in bushing design.
    • Precise sprocket design produces positive, press fit to shaft.
    • Space-saving design results in more shaft space.

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    High Performance for High-Torque Applications

    Our PowerGrip® GT®2 Sprockets are specially designed for high-torque power transmission applications. The space-saving design reduces shaft space requirements. It also eliminates sprocket wobble and moves the load closer to the bearing, extending reducer life and transmitting power more efficiently.

    The Standard for Quality

    Gates® PowerGrip® GT®2 Sprockets are manufactured from high-quality materials, including Gray Iron, Ductile Iron, Sintered Steel, and aluminum and then machined to our exacting specifications to provide a perfect fit that reduces wear on belts and drives and provides maximum reliability.