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Safety Stripe® Air Hose

Safety Stripe® Air Hose provides a durable, premium hose, available in 25 or 50-foot lengths, for garage and service station air impact tools.

  • Bend restrictors for extended life
  • Factory assembled male couplings with 300 lb. minimum coupling pull
  • High flexibility is easy on wrists
  • High strength reinforcement
  • Perforated EPDM red cover that resists ozone and abrasion
  • Temperature rating: –40°F to +200°F (–40°C to +93°C)

All Parts

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Part # Product # Description Hose Inside Diameter (in) Hose Inside Diameter (mm) Weight Per ft
27485 32158110 27485 -4X25F SAFT STR 0.25 6 2.75
27486 32158111 27486 -4X50F SAFT STR 0.25 6 5.5
27488 32158112 27488 SS AIR HOSE 0.375 10 4.16
27489 32158113 27489 SS AIR HOSE 0.375 10 8.32
27491 32158120 27491 -8X25F SAFT STR 0.5 13 5.27
27492 32158121 27492 -8X50F SAFT STR 0.5 13 10.54
1-6 of 6 Items

Professional Grade Tools

Our Gates® Safety Stripe™ Air Hose is made to take on the demanding needs of automotive technicians and mechanics. High strength hose reinforcement and bend restrictors ensure durability over a lifetime of heavy use. High hose flexibility reduces the strain on equipment operators during repeat usage.

Equipped for Your Operating Environment.

Featuring a composite, multi-purpose construction and red EPDM cover, Gates® Safety Stripe™ Air Hose resists aging, abrasion, and environmental contaminants, ensuring a long life and peak performance.