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PCV Oil Separators and Pressure Regulators

Get the maximum service life out of your emission ventilation system by using Gates solutions, constructed from strong, high-quality materials. Our OE Exact Crankcase Ventilation Pressure Regulators, PCV Valves and Oil Separators ensure an exact fit and easy installation while effectively restoring the emission ventilation system to desired operation and performance levels.

  • Direct fit replacement ensures exact fit and easy installation.
  • High quality materials are resistant to oil and heat.
  • Prevents oil and vapor leaks.

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Part # Product # Description Hose Inside Diameter (in) Hose Inside Diameter (mm) Weight Per ft
EMH900 74711900 EMH900 EMISSION CONTROL HOSE GATES 0.735 19 0.375
EMH903 74711903 EMH903 EMISSION CONTROL HOSE GATR 0.554 14 0.22
EMH904 74711904 EMH904 EMISSION CONTROL HOSE GATR 0.67 17 0.12
EMH905 74711905 EMH905 EMISSION CONTROL HOSE GATES 0.767 19 0.412
EMH906 74711906 EMH906 EMISSION CONTROL HOSE GATES 0.767 19 0.412
EMH907 74711907 EMH907 EMISSION CONTROL HOSE GATR 0.735 19 0.7625
1-7 of 7 Items