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OE Equivalent Fuel Caps

Rugged, heavy-duty construction that's engineered to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

  • Caps fit both shallow and deep cam filler necks - vented, non-vented and vented anti-surge.
  • Three cap configurations are available for most popular applications.
  • All Gates fuel caps are engineered for easy installation
  • Comes with two keys. Keyed-alike caps available on special order.

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Part # Product # Description Type Cam Type Locking Venting Shell Diameter Neck Diameter Cap Depth
31322 74100341 31322 OE EQUIVALENT FUEL CAPS OE Equivalent Fuel Cap false Vented 4 in 3.5 x 5.5 NS Threads in 2.5 in
31625 74100025 31625 FUEL CAP OE Equivalent Fuel Cap Shallow Cam false Vented 2.88 in 1.88 in 0.88 in
31848 74100154 31848 FUEL CAP OE Equivalent Fuel Cap Shallow Cam false Vented 2.64 in 1.51 in 2.06 in
31849 74100155 31849 FUEL CAP OE Equivalent Fuel Cap Shallow Cam false Vented 2.93 in 1.52 in 0.73 in
1-4 of 4 Items

Gates® brings OE to the Aftermarket.

Gates® engineers our automotive aftermarket parts in partnership with the top automotive OEMs around the world, so you can trust premium-grade automotive parts with exceptional fit, function, and performance and a durable component construction that's built to last. OEM-caliber fuel caps are rich in features that keep the fuel system operating properly and safely.

Efficiency. Engineered.

Replacing your old, missing, or leaky fuel cap with a Gates® solution will give your vehicles better fuel efficiency due to less gas evaporation, and are engineered for safety and long-term reliability to help reduce your vehicle emissions.