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Product # 74129013

Gates® Coolant Outlets far exceed expected industry standards. Designed and manufactured to have a more perfect fit, our Coolant Outlets save you money by lasting longer, requiring less maintenance, and using durable materials. Gates Coolant Outlets were designed to have a simple installation and more economical repairs. Look to Gates for superior quality Coolant Outlet solutions with OE exact fitment.

  • Welding process guarantees consistent, long-lasting performance
  • Improved seal provides leak-free design
  • All-in-one and simple bolt-on solutions
  • One-step, simple installation
  • No special tools required
  • Product Details
    Part # CO34748
    Product # 74129013
    Description CO34748 COOLANT OUTLET
    UPC 770075648567
    Type Coolant Outlet
    Jiggle Pin false
  • Construction
    Material Plastic
  • Product Attributes
    By-Pass Holes No
    Number of Bolt Holes 4
    Number of Gaskets 0
    Number of Seals 2
  • Specifications
    Outlet 1 Inside Diameter (in) 1.02
    Outlet 1 Outside Diameter (in) 1.235
    Outlet 2 Inside Diameter (in) .458
    Outlet 2 Outside Diameter (in) .674
    Outlet 3 Inside Diameter (in) .195
    Outlet 3 Outside Diameter (in) 1.025
  • Packaging details
    Customer Pack 1
    Weight (lbs.) 0.61
    Contents Coolant Outlet, Seals, Temperature Sensor, Bleeder
  • Fits models

Welded For Life.

Gates® Coolant Outlets are assembled with a superior weld and fit, resulting in longer-lasting operation and lifetime.

Get the Full Line.

The Gates® Coolant Outlet is comprised of necessary parts for the coolant system: Thermostat Housing Assembly, Water Outlet, Thermostat Cover, Coolant Air Bleeder Housing, Coolant Hose Flange, and Thermostat Housing