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Economy Thermostats

Gates only partners with prime OE thermostat manufacturers to provide OE Exact or OE Type construction.

  • OE-exact designed for customers that demand the exact OEM thermostat as a replacement product.
  • OE Type - Quality controlled factory calibration assures accuracy of opening and closing, regardless of pressure changes.
  • Matches the OEM product fit, function and design.
  • Features including jiggle pins and check valves for air venting, seals, and gaskets make these thermostats equivalent to the original equipment parts.

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Part # Product # Description Type Jiggle Pin Temperature (C) Flange Diameter Height From Flange Depth From Flange Design
74125909 33509 THERMOSTAT Economy Thermostat false 195 Fahrenheit 2.12 in 0.66 in 0.9 in Reverse Poppet
74125908 33508 THERMOSTAT Economy Thermostat false 180 Fahrenheit 2.12 in 0.72 in 0.82 in Reverse Poppet
1-2 of 2 Items