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DEF Tank Caps

Gates Non-Locking DEF Caps prevents diesel exhaust fluid from leaking or spilling through the filler neck, while keeping dirt and debris out. The distinctive blue cap color is designed to help automotive technicians clearly identify the DEF tank filler neck, preventing frustrating and costly repairs that result from foreign fluids in the DEF tank. Conduct simple tank cap replacements with Gates.

  • Direct replacement for an OE-equivalent fit.
  • Meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements.
  • Constructed from high-quality, heat-resistant materials for a long service life.
  • Vehicle try-on testing and vibration testing have been conducted on this part to ensure trouble-free performance.

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Part # Product # Description Type Cam Type Locking Venting Neck Diameter (in) Cap Depth
74100705 30003 DEF CAP DEF Cap Threaded false Non-Vented 1.2 mm 0.975 in
74100706 30005 DEF CAP DEF Cap Cam-On false Non-Vented 1.33 mm 0.86 in
74100707 30006 DEF CAP DEF Cap Threaded false Non-Vented 1.2 mm 0.95 in
74100701 30001 HD DEF CAP DEF Cap Quick-On false Vented 2.36 mm 1 in
74100703 30002 HD DEF CAP DEF Cap Quick-On false Vented 1.57 mm 0.67 in
1-5 of 5 Items

Keep your Cap in Top Condition

If your DEF cap wears, even with the slightest leak or crack, you'll end up wasting fluids due to evaporation or, even worse, you can damage your vehicle systems. If dirt or debris gets into your DEF, it will likely settle into the catalytic converter, making your emissions systems less efficient.

We engineer and test our tank caps for a long-lasting, leak-free fit, as a trusted replacement for OE and aftermarket tank caps.

OE Quality for the Aftermarket.

Our long-standing partnerships with automotive OEMs on production vehicles enable us to produce aftermarket parts of superior quality, durability, and performance. That experience goes into every Gates aftermarket engine component and accessory, bringing a range of solutions for virtually every fluid power and power transmission vehicle applications.