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    Product Application Engineering - Hydraulics

    Back Your Hydraulic System and Applications with Gates Engineering Expertise

    Hydraulic hoses are the power behind your industrial operation. But when a hydraulic hose fails, it could end up costing you thousands of dollars in downtime for cleanup, maintenance, repairs or injury compensation. Instead, ensure your organization is backed by Gates: the only company with the expertise to assist with the implementation, upkeep, and servicing of all your industrial fluid power applications.

    Testing and Development

    A Trusted Partner in Testing and Development:

    Gates utilizes in-house testing capabilities that allow us to meet the stringent industrial standards and requirements for all of our products delivered to you.  We also have the flexibility to tailor our development to your needs. 


    You can rely on us as a trusted partner and reliable resource for product development. With our extensive experience in hydraulic specification and system requirements we have been able to produce internal performance criteria that optimizes product durability.


    - Impulse testing hose and tube assemblies

    - Proof and burst testing

    - Vibration analysis on tube assemblies

    - Gravimetric cleanliness testing

    - Abrasion testing

    - Salt spray testing

    Engineered for every challenge

    Gates’ product application engineering provides the free engineering support you need to avoid detrimental downtime. Gates’ experienced engineers and experts work with your facility or equipment manager, at no extra charge, to get your operations up to speed with the most reliable and efficient industrial hydraulic hose solutions available.  


    • Hydraulic power failures cause as much as 47% of downtime
    • Hydraulic injuries can cost up to $250,000 per incident
    • On average, 100 million gallons of oil leak from hydraulic equipment

    Engineering and Design Services

    We are a full-service provider of high-quality, off-road hydraulics equipment. Using engineering reviews of fit and function we can come up with the best and most cost effective solution up front in your product development cycle, working with you during the development stages of your product. As technology advances we have benefited from being able to design and produce rapid prototype components for customer evaluation, reducing critical program time and allowing our customers the most flexibility in design.


    Schedule a consultation with a Gates application specialist, get expert advice from a Gates engineer, and design customized Gates hydraulic system hose solutions for your specific requirements.


    For support services, talk to your Gates hydraulic hose application engineer today. 

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