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    Continuous Mining

    Continuous mining without the continuous repairs.

    With operating conditions underground come some of the highest pressures, temperatures, and harshest working environments in the world. You need to ensure that your continuous mining equipment won't quit regardless of these conditions. Gates engineers and industry experts have worked alongside continuous mining operators to understand your operation's complex demands, and have developed Gates power transmission and fluid power mining solutions with superior durability, safety, and reliable performance.

    • Costly workplace injuries are not an option. Injuries from hydraulic line failures can cost you millions.
    • Low quality hydraulic assemblies and belt drive failures cause up to 47% of downtime.
    • As little as one litre of oil can contaminate up to 950,000 litres of water. Gates can solve many of your hydraulic leak issues with our "Full-torque nut" a standard feature on all Gates coupling products.

    High temperatures. Higher hydraulic performance.

    As temperatures and pressures rise, so does the likelihood of equipment failure. Given that most hydraulic applications operate between 65˚ to 145˚ C / 150˚ and 300˚F, you need hydraulic hose, sleeving and adaptors you can rely on to keep your operations running. Gates hydraulic mining solutions are engineered to perform at extreme temperatures, with improved uptime to save you money, time, and most importantly, keep your workers out of harm's way.