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    Vehicle System Repair

    Be System Smart with complete system inspections and repairs.

    All parts in your vehicle system are engineered to work in concert and wear at about the same rate. When one component wears, it puts your entire system at risk of failure, with uninspected internal parts causing expensive long-term damage to your vehicle’s essential engine systems. Your best investment is to Be System Smart with regular inspections and complete system repairs.

    For Automotive System Repair: Think R90

    The best way to prevent costly system failure is to start inspecting the serpentine, cooling and timing systems at 60K miles and replacing worn components by 90K miles, or as advised by your vehicle manufacturer. When it comes to system repairs, combine belts and tensioners, water pumps and hoses, and use complete timing component kits to ensure optimal vehicle function and a stronger system.


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    For Heavy-Duty System Repair:

    When it comes to your heavy duty trucks and buses, you can prevent unnecessary downtime by inspecting the serpentine, cooling and timing system every 6 months, 5K miles, or 200 hours, and replacing worn components every 1-2 years, 15K miles, or 400-800 hours, unless otherwise advised by your vehicle manufacturer.