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    Let’s Work Together Today to Develop the Automotive Solutions of Tomorrow

    The work you do, and the challenges we help you overcome, are what inspires us to design, create, and innovate the solutions that drive automotive businesses around the world. As a Gates customer and automotive professional, we invite you to share your wants, needs, and new product ideas with us, as we work together to your power progress.


    We’ve featured some ideas on how to identify problematic parts or systems where Gates could potentially offer a better solution. As you look around your shop or visit with your staff, keep the following in mind:


    • Note the OE dealership parts that are found in your shop – you can help us by providing the OE number and/or a picture of the part.
    • Think beyond Gates’ normal belt, hose, and hydraulic business.
    • Ask your staff if they are seeing a pattern or large number of failed parts in a certain category that need frequent replacement, and ask what would make that part better.
    • Some additional questions to ask or think about:
      • What parts have been recently purchased from OE dealerships?
      • Why were these parts purchased from the dealership?
      • Are there specific makes or models where you prefer to use OE parts?
      • Are there certain part numbers or types of products where you see frequent failures?  What is failing and how would you improve the part if you could?

    As automotive technologies and the aftermarket business continue to change and develop – we’re excited to work closely with you to develop the solutions of tomorrow.

    Got a great idea for a new product? We can’t wait to hear about it.

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