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    Hydraulic System Operation 

    Get increased productivity, longer component life, more uptime, all leading to improved ROI from your hydraulic system applications. Understanding the basics of your hydraulic system and how each component functions and works together with the larger hydraulic system is essential to finding the optimal parts and solutions for your fluid power application.

    Hydraulic System Basics

    Modern hydraulics uses a confined liquid to transmit power, multiply force, or produce motion. The basis of any hydraulic system operation and fluid power is Pascal’s Law, which states that pressure applied on a confined fluid is transmitted in all directions with equal force on equal areas. When applied to your hydraulic system, Pascal’s Law illustrates how hydraulic fluids can be used to instantaneously transmit energy from one point to another without loss.

    Hydraulic System Components

    While the complexity of your hydraulic system may vary, the basic components of a hydraulic system include:  


    Fluid: The hydraulic system can operate with almost any liquid. The most common liquid is specially compounded petroleum oil that lubricates and protects the components of the system from corrosion.


    Reservoir: Acts as a storehouse for the fluid, as well as a heat dissipator.


    Hydraulic Pump: Converts the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy by forcing hydraulic fluid under pressure from the reservoir into the system.


    Fluid Lines: Transports the fluid to and from the pump through the hydraulic system. Fluid lines can be rigid or flexible hose assemblies made for either pressure or vacuum.


    Hydraulic Valves: Controls or directs the pressure and flow rate of the hydraulic fluid. 


    Filters: Help remove contaminants and clean the oil on a continuous basis.


    Actuator: Converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy to do the work. Actuators can be either rotary hydraulic motors or linear hydraulic cylinders, with multiple subtypes depending on your specific application demands.


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