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    Hydraulic Hose: Braid or Spiral?

    Choosing the right hose for a hydraulic assembly is absolutely critical to ensure the assembly functions properly and safely. 


    To select the proper hose you must determine the necessary reinforcement. The reinforcement is the muscle of all hydraulic hoses, and determines the working pressure of your hose. Most hydraulic hoses are constructed with either a braid or a spiral wrap, and are made from natural fibers, synthetic materials, or wire. 


    Braided hoses are more commonly used in high pressure applications, and spiral hoses are typically used in very and extremely high pressure and high impulse applications. The braid construction allows for more flexibility and a tighter minimum bend radius. However, high impulse applications can create friction within the braided reinforcement, causing hose damage and failure.

    Very High/Extremely High-Pressure Hose

    Very high and extremely high-pressure hoses perform best on applications that are subject to extreme high impulses (or pressure surges) such as off-highway industrial equipment and heavy duty machinery. These hoses are reinforced with four or six layers of spiraled, high-tensile steel wire. 

    High-Pressure Hose

    Reinforced with two steel wire braids, these are often called “two-wire” braid hoses. You’ll find them in high-pressure applications, such as on construction equipment. They range in operating pressures from 6000 psi (3/16” ID) to 1500 psi (2” ID).

    Medium-Pressure Hose

    Operating at pressures from 3000 psi to 300 psi, medium-pressure hoses can have one-wire, multiple-wire and/or textile-braid construction.

    Low-Pressure Hose

    You’ll find low-pressure hoses in applications with operating pressures less than 300 psi. Typically they’re used to transmit petroleum-based fluids, lubricating oil, air, glycol antifreeze, and water. Gates GMV and G4H hoses is also rated for suction applications.

    If you have any doubt about the reinforcement on an existing assembly, use a knife to cut/scrape away some of the hose cover and identify the type of reinforcement. 

    As advanced hydraulic systems are designed and engineered into more and more high-powered, high-pressure equipment, the importance of high-quality, flexible, durable hose assemblies that won’t fail has never been more critical.


    As the industry leader in hydraulic hose technology, Gates has developed an integrated solution to meet the needs of today's hydraulic systems – and tomorrow’s.

    Gates MegaSys® hydraulic hose and coupling products offer a combination of technology, performance and flexibility that is unmatched by anything on the market today – or for the foreseeable future.


    The fully integrated MegaSys hose line is designed to provide maximum flexibility and performance in a wide range of high-pressure hydraulic applications while simplifying hose selection and assembly fabrication. MegaSys products and features save time, space and money. Color-coded laylines and constant pressure ratings through all sizes make hose identification and selection easier and faster while reducing inventory requirements. Couplings provide leak-free performance. A bend radius up to one-third the SAE specification enables use of shorter hose lengths and savings of up to 64%. It all adds up to more value for your money.