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Black Gold® Blender Transfer

RECOMMENDED FOR: Transfer of water, petroleum based fluids, dilute acids, chemicals and abrasive slurries used in oil and gas well stimulation and fracking.

  • TEMPERATURE: -40°C to +82°C.
  • CONSTRUCTION: Tube: Type C (Nitrile). Black.
  • Reinforcement: Synthetic, high tensile textile.
  • Cover: Type A (Neoprene). Black with red spiral stripe.
  • Design Factor: 4:1
  • PACKAGING: 30m length coiled and wrapped in polyethylene.

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Part # Product # Description Max W.P. (psi) Max W.P. (bar) Hose I.D. (in) Hose I.D. (mm) Hose O.D. (in) Hose O.D. (mm) Vac. (inHg) MBR (in) Wt. Per ft Len. (ft)
4X100BLENDERTRANSFER 41100400 4X100 BLACK GOLD BLENDER TRANSFER 150D 150 10.3 4 101.6 4.73 120.1 3.07 100
5X100BLENDERTRANSFER 41100500 5X100 BLACK GOLD BLENDER TRANSFER 150D 150 10.3 5 127 5.73 145.5 3.77 100
1-2 of 2 Items