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    Black Gold® ABS Mud and Oil

    Recommended For: Flexible connection between standpipe and swivel (rotary drilling) or between pump and standpipe (rotary vibrator) for pumping mud at extra high pressure in oil drilling and exploration work. Meets the severe demands of today’s drilling methods including directional drilling, pressure pulses and elevated temperatures. The 3/16" thick tube is designed to handle abrasive, corrosive and oil based drilling muds. The UltraBrasion™ cover is designed to handle external damage from abrasion, corrosion, gouges, oil and weather.

    • Temperature Range: -20°C to +82°C (-4°F to +180°F) continuous service.
    • Construction: Tube: Type C2 (Modified Nitrile). Black.
    • Reinforcement: Multiple layers of textile fabric and steel cable.
    • Cover: Type C4 (Modified Nitrile). Black with gold stripe.
    • Design Factor: 2.5:1.
    • Couplings: Swaged couplings. Contact Gates E&S or Gates Black Gold® distributor for a full range of fitting options such as hammer unions, flanges, etc.
    • CAUTION: Can be used for offshore motion compensator applications, but is not recommended for systems using phosphate ester fluids. Field welding of couplings is not recommended.
    • Packaging: Each length packaged in a heavy-duty wooden crate.