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    Plant Master® XTreme™ 300 Lock-On Braid

    RECOMMENDED FOR: Petroleum–based hydraulic oils, water, glycol anti–freeze solutions, hot lubricating oils, and air.

    • CAUTION: Hose and couplings are not recommended for pressure surge applications or critical applications, such as permanent piping in residential or commercial buildings.
    • Not recommended for gasoline or diesel fuels.
    • Black cover meets MSHA Flame–resistant.

    Features and Benefits

    • R > 10^6 Ohm, Storage may adversely affect electrical resistance.
    • Tube: ARPM (class A) high oil resistance.
    • Cover: ARPM (class B) medium oil resistance.
    • Tube: High oil resistance.
    • Design factor: 4:1.
    • Size: 3/16" to 3/4".
    • Best in class.
    • Red cover.