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    Hydraulic Tube Assemblies

    Gates offers an extensive portfolio of low, medium and high pressure hydraulic tubing assemblies to support a variety of customer Fluid Power applications including Agriculture, Construction, and Material handling equipment, Truck and Bus, Wind Turbines, Lawn and Garden, and Engines. We have the unique capability to fully process hydraulic tube assemblies in-house from start to finish. This includes cutting, end forming, assembly, brazing, plating, and high accuracy CNC and robotic bending. This affords us a high level of quality control over the entire process.

    • Gates uses a broad range of stainless and carbon steel tubing raw materials in sizes used in today’s hydraulic applications.
    • Our in-house copper brazing process allows for efficient and repeatable processing of complex tubing assemblies – particularly high pressure tubing applications.
    • Our in-house plating, Powder coating, zinc nickel, and Galfan® coated tubing allow for a variety of corrosion solutions depending on the customer application.
    • We specialize in combining hydraulic hose and tube into one Hose-Tube Combination assembly to reduce leak points, improve routing, eliminate excess components, and reduce cost.

    Features and Benefits

    • Gates has extensive tubing materials capabilities including SAE J356, J525, J524, J2614, J2613, J2467, J2435, ASTM 316L/304, and Galfan coated tubes. Other materials may be available upon request.
    • Tube end options include multiple brazed on terminations, end forming, flaring, and beading.
    • Cleanliness is designed into our tube assemblies manufacturing process through burr-free cutting for certain sizes and vertical oil-dip flushing process.
    • Our 50+ step in-house plating process with sealer limits the time between brazing and plating process– reducing the opportunity for oxide build up.
    • With our broad portfolio offering of hose assemblies and hydraulic tubing, we are best positioned to improve routing, eliminate excess components and cost-effective component application.
    • Our team of Application Engineers offers on-site routing and support to solve existing customer problems or offer new equipment fit-ups.
    • Gates offers training and best practices to help our customers achieve a trouble free hydraulic conveyance system. Hose routing is a critical part of a well-designed system. Improper routing can lead to premature failure of hose or fittings.
    • Enhanced manufacturing footprint with 8 Locations in North America to provide local support, redundant capacity, and value-add services like line-side delivery, kitting and sub-assembly.
    • Our Rapid prototyping tubing program is designed to support new platform design.
    • ISO 9001:2015 Registered.
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