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Copper Tubing Industrial Compression

Gates copper tubing industrial compression provides a low cost, easy to assemble solution for hydraulic and pneumatic systems running off of copper or aluminum tubing.

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Part # Product # Description A1 Outside Diameter (in) A2 Outside Diameter T1 Thread
10CTI-10CTI 725007975 G55400-1010 10CTI-10CTI 62X10 0.625in 0.625in
10CTI-8FP 725007785 G55150-1008 10CTI-8FP 66X10 0.625in 1/2-14 in
10CTI-8FP90 725007845 G55154-1008 10CTI-8FP90 70X10 0.625in 1/2-14 in
10CTI-8MP 725007355 G55100-1008 10CTI-8MP 68X10 0.625in 1/2-14 in
10CTI-8MP90 725007535 G55104-1008 10CTI-8MP90 69X10 0.625in 1/2-14 in
10TN-CTI-L 725006895 G55030-0010 10TN-CTI-L 1611X10 0.625in
10TS-CTI 725007075 G55050-0010 10TS-CTI 60X10 0.625in
10TSI-CTI 725006975 G55040-0010 10TSI-CTI 2030X10 0.625in
10TSN-CTI 725007175 G55060-0010 10TSN-CTI 61X10 0.625in
12CTI-12CTI 725007985 G55400-1212 12CTI-12CTI 62X12 0.75in 0.75in
1-10 of 128 Items