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Single Bead Couplings

Gates single bead couplings are for use with low pressure hose, such as multi-purpose or general purpose hose. They are recommended for low pressure fuel, oil, compressed air and water lines used in small engines, as well as vacuum advance and evaporative emission controls.

  • Single bead couplings are quick connecting, field attachable, and reusable.
  • An economical choice for general purpose fluid applications.
  • Single bead is sometimes referred to as beaded nipple.
  • 60 PSI working pressure.

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Part # Product # Description L (in)
10SB-12RMP 725016645 G37100-1012 10SB-12RMP 1.92
10SB-6RMP 725005135 G37100-1006 10SB-6RMP 05710B106 1.78
10SB-6RMP90 725005255 G37106-1006 10SB-6RMP90 05710BC06 1.13
10SB-8RMP 725005145 G37100-1008 10SB-8RMP 05710B108 1.78
10SB-8RMP90 725016685 G37106-1008 10SB-8RMP90 29IFSB-54 1.21
12SB-12RMP 725016655 G37100-1212 12SB-12RMP 1.92
12SB-8RMP 725005155 G37100-1208 12SB-8RMP 05712B108 1.78
12SB-8RMP90 725016695 G37106-1208 12SB-8RMP90 1.28
3SB-2RMP 725005035 G37100-0302 3SB-2RMP 05703B102 1.26
4SB-2RMP 725005045 G37100-0402 4SB-2RMP 05704B102 1.32
1-10 of 47 Items