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Poly Industrial Compression

Gates Poly Industrial Compression fittings are for use with Polyvinylchloride (PVC) and polyethylene tubing in low pressure hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

  • Easy installation without any required tube flaring.
  • 200 PSI Working Pressure.

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Part # Product # Description
10PVC-10PVC 725010215 G58400-1010 10PVC-10PVC 621X10
10PVC-8MP90 725010085 G58104-1008 10PVC-8MP90 691X10
10TSI-PVC 725009775 G58050-0010 10TSI-PVC 601X10
10TSN-PVC 725009865 G58060-0010 10TSN-PVC 611X10
12PVC-12MP 725009985 G58100-1212 12PVC-12MP 681X12X12
12TSI-PVC 725009785 G58050-0012 12TSI-PVC 601X12
16TSI-PVC 725009795 G58050-0016 16TSI-PVC 601X16
2PVC-1MP 725009875 G58100-0201 2PVC-1MP 681X2X1
2PVC-1MP90 725009995 G58104-0201 2PVC-1MP90 691X2X1
2PVC-2FP 725010125 G58150-0202 2PVC-2FP 661X2
1-10 of 51 Items