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Barb Stem Couplings

Gates Barb Stem Couplings are used with low pressure multi-purpose or general purpose rubber hose and thermoplastic tubing. They are recommended for use with low pressure fuel, oil, compressed air, water and cooling lines and are typically found on heavy duty truck, construction, industrial, and mobile applications.

  • Field attachable and reusable.
  • An economical choice for general purpose fluid and pneumatic applications.
  • One piece fitting is compact and great for use in tight spaces.

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Part # Product # Description
10BS-12MP 725005575 G38100-1012 10BS-12MP
10BS-6MP 725005555 G38100-1006 10BS-6MP
10BS-8MP 725005565 G38100-1008 10BS-8MP
12BS-12MP 725005595 G38100-1212 12BS-12MP
12BS-8MP 725005585 G38100-1208 12BS-8MP
2BS-2FP 725005605 G38110-0202 2BS-2FP 10502B202
2BS-2MP 725005395 G38100-0202 2BS-2MP 10502B102
3BS-2FP 725005615 G38110-0302 3BS-2FP 10503B202
3BS-2MP 725005405 G38100-0302 3BS-2MP 10503B102
3BS-4MP 725005415 G38100-0304 3BS-4MP 10503B104
1-10 of 33 Items