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Poly Industrial Compression

Gates® Poly Industrial Compression fittings are for use with Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene tubing in low pressure hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

  • Easy installation without any required tube flaring
  • 200 PSI Working Pressure

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Part # Product # Description Hose I.D. (in) Hose I.D. (mm) T(in) T(mm) L (in) L (mm) C (in) C (mm) Thread Size
G58050-0002 725009715 G58050-0002 2TSI-PVC 601X2
G58050-0003 725009725 G58050-0003 3TSI-PVC 601X3
G58050-0004 725009735 G58050-0004 4TSI-PVC 1260X4
G58050-0005 725009745 G58050-0005 5TSI-PVC 1260X5
G58050-0006 725009755 G58050-0006 6TSI-PVC 1260X6
G58050-0008 725009765 G58050-0008 8TSI-PVC 1260X8
G58050-0010 725009775 G58050-0010 10TSI-PVC 601X10
G58050-0012 725009785 G58050-0012 12TSI-PVC 601X12
G58050-0016 725009795 G58050-0016 16TSI-PVC 601X16
G58060-0002 725009805 G58060-0002 2TSN-PVC 611X2
1-10 of 51 Items