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Vinyl Bend Restrictor

Gates tapered PVC sleeve reduces bending stress in the hose near the coupling to prevent damage, such as in power wash applications. Installed during hose assembly, this smoothly-finished product withstands temperatures from -40°F to +200°F (-40°C to +93°C).

  • Friction Fit; no adhesives or clamps required to hold bend restrictor in place on hose assembly. Saves assembly cost.
  • Smooth finish will not scratch finish on equipment being washed. Attractive appearance enhances look of quality.
  • Tapered design reduces bending stress neat the hose-coupling junction so extra-long, more trouble-free hose life can be expected.
  • Wide temperature helps give extra-long service life for both hot and cold power wash assemblies.

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HBR1050 / G80700-0204 727710505 G80700-0204 HBR1050
HBR1050 XBULK / G80700-0204X 72771050 G80700-0204X HBR1050 XBULK
HBR1051 / G80700-0106 727710515 G80700-0106 HBR1051
HBR1051 XBULK / G80700-0106X 72771051 G80700-0106X HBR1051 XBULK
HBR1052 / G80700-0108 727710525 G80700-0108 HBR1052
HBR1052 XBULK / G80700-0108X 72771052 G80700-0108X HBR1052 XBULK
HBR1053 / G80700-0110 727710535 G80700-0110 HBR1053
HBR1053 XBULK / G80700-0110X 72771053 G80700-0110X HBR1053 XBULK
HBR1054 / G80700-0206 727710545 G80700-0206 HBR1054
HBR1054 XBULK / G80700-0206X 72771054 G80700-0206X HBR1054 XBULK
1-10 of 17 Items