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SureLok™ Quick-Release Pliers

SureLok™ Quick-Release Pliers make quick work at removing SureLok™ couplings. SureLok™ couplings are simple to install, but their tight placement and strong seal can make removal difficult. SureLok™ Quick-Release Pliers allow for the removal of push-to-connect couplings from the tubing with just one hand in seconds.

  • Straight and 90°offset head options
  • Two sizes available: Small for tubing /8" - 3/8"; Large for tubing 3/8" - 3/4"
  • Easy one hand operation
  • Sold as single units, packs of two, and four-packs in a handy carrying case

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4PK SUR-LOK PLIERS / 91017 74680030 91017 4PK SUR-LOK PLIERS
LA SUR-LOK PLIERS / 91020 74680033 91020 LA SUR-LOK PLIERS
LV SUR-LOK PLIERS / 91022 74680035 91022 LV SUR-LOK PLIERS
SA SUR-LOK PLIERS / 91021 74680034 91021 SA SUR-LOK PLIERS
SV SUR-LOK PLIERS / 91023 74680036 91023 SV SUR-LOK PLIERS
1-5 of 5 Items

Tools of the Trade

Gates® doesn't only make superior aftermarket power transmission and fluid power products. Learning from our extensive time working in the field with the technicians who use our products every day, we also develop high quality tools like our SureLok™ Quick Release Pliers, which turn tough jobs into quick work.

Customer Driven Innovation

One of the most important things we do is to listen to our customers. SureLok™ Quick-Release Pliers are the direct result of customer feedback, providing automotive technicians with a tool that saves them time and effort, which in turn creates more efficient operations.