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Industrial SureLok™

Our Industrial SureLok™ Fittings are designed for simple tube connection and disconnection. Use your SureLok Fittings with nylon, polyethylene, and plastic tubing in compressed air, pneumatic, lubrication, and cooling line applications.

  • No tools required for easy installation, resulting in reduced errors as well as savings on time and labor
  • Manufactured with corrosion-resistant materials
  • Engineered for greater reliability and reduced testing

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Part # Product # Description Hose I.D. (in) Hose I.D. (mm) T(in) T(mm) L (in) L (mm) C (in) C (mm) Thread Size
G56050-0004 725008105 G56050-0004 4PLUG-SLI 1129X4
G56050-0005 725008115 G56050-0005 5PLUG-SLI 1129X5
G56050-0006 725008125 G56050-0006 6PLUG-SLI 1129X6
G56050-0008 725008135 G56050-0008 8PLUG-SLI 1129X8
G56050-0010 725008145 G56050-0010 10PLUG-SLI 1129X10MRP
G56050-0025 725008155 G56050-0025 25PLUG-SLI 1129X25
G56099-0002 725008165 G56099-0002 2CARTRIDGE-SLI 1161X2
G56099-0004 725008175 G56099-0004 4CARTRIDGE-SLI 1161X4
G56099-0005 725008185 G56099-0005 5CARTRIDGE-SLI 1161X5
G56099-0006 725008195 G56099-0006 6CARTRIDGE-SLI 1161X6
1-10 of 108 Items

Fit for the Job.

When it comes to your industrial applications, you need hydraulic system components you can trust. Our Industrial SureLok fittings are designed to meet or exceed regulatory requirements and tested in heavy-duty industrial conditions to ensure reliable, leak-free performance.

Brass with Benefits.

As leaders in industrial material science, we know the right metals for your applications. Known for its corrosion-resistance and strength, brass provides a safe, durable fitting connection that will maintain in excellent condition for years of reliable service.