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Air Brake SureLok - D.O.T.

SureLok™ Air Brake couplings are simple to install. Press to connect, and get a secure, long-lasting fit.

  • Simple tube connection and disconnection
  • Fewer component parts – internally machined form in body to secure collect
  • All collects marked with tube size
  • Ease of tube insertion in areas of restricted access
  • Total fittings system solution
  • No tools required

All Parts

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Part # Product # Description Hose I.D. (in) Hose I.D. (mm) T(in) T(mm) L (in) L (mm) C (in) C (mm) Thread Size
BC31624-0822 725020245 BC31624-0822 6CAB-22MBX90
BC31624-1022 725020265 BC31624-1022 10CAB-22MBX90
BC31624-1222 725020275 BC31624-1222 12CAB-22MBX90
BC31625-0822 725020255 BC31625-0822 8CAB-22MBNRV90
G31050-0004 725014505 G31050-0004 4AB-PLUG 1.12 28.5
G31050-0006 725014515 G31050-0006 6AB-PLUG 1.34 34
G31050-0008 725014525 G31050-0008 8AB-PLUG 1.48 37.6
G31050-0025 725014535 G31050-0025 2.5AB-PLUG 1.04 26.4
G31080-0003 725000705 G31080-0003 3CARTRIDGE-AB 1861X3
G31080-0004 725000715 G31080-0004 4CARTRIDGE-AB 1861X4
1-10 of 225 Items