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Air Brake Couplings to Male Pipe Adapter

Gates® Air Brake Couplings for Rubber Hose are used with AB series rubber air brake hose on assemblies for air brake systems on trucks and buses.

  • Many fittings can be detached and reattached for reuse
  • Meet SAE J1402 and DOT FMVSS-106 requirements
  • 225 PSI working pressure, 900 PSI burst pressure

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Part # Product # Description Hose I.D. (in) Hose I.D. (mm) T(in) T(mm) L (in) L (mm) C (in) C (mm) Thread Size
G33030-0604 725003175 G33030-0604 6MAB-4MP 1390X6 1.06 26.9
G33030-0606 725003185 G33030-0606 6MAB-6MP 1390X6X6 1.12 28.5
G33030-0608 725003195 G33030-0608 6MAB-8MP 1390X6X8 1.18 30
G33030-0806 725003205 G33030-0806 8MAB-6MP 1390X8 1.18 30
G33030-0808 725003215 G33030-0808 8MAB-8MP 1390X8X8 1.37 34.8
1-5 of 5 Items