• Product Details
    Part # 4G-8FFORX90LXBULK
    Product # 71042416
    Description G25241-0408X 4G-8FFORX90L XBULK
    UPC 770075363958
    H2 Nut Hex (mm) 24
    T Drop (in) 2.52
    C Cutoff (in) 1.62
    C Cutoff (mm) 41.1
    L Length (in) 2.64
    L Length (mm) 67.1
    Hose Inside Diameter (in) 0.25
    Hose Inside Diameter (mm) 6.4
    C (in) 1.62
    L (in) 2.64
  • Packaging details
    Customer Pack 75
    Weight (lbs.) 0.34

Features and Benefits

  • One of the most common causes of hydraulic leaks is a cracked coupling nut or seat due to over-torquing by a strong-armed worker. Gates® has engineered a solution – Full-Torque Nut™ technology now available on Gates® MegaCrimp® and GlobalSpiral® couplings.
  • MegaCrimp couplings set a new standard for hydraulic couplings. The unique "C" insert ensures "weep-free" concentric crimping to keep equipment and the environment clean.
  • Surpassed one million impulse cycles during design testing.