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Product #  72771051

Gates® tapered vinyl bend restrictor reduces bending stress in the hose near the coupling to prevent damage, such as in power wash applications. Tapered design reduces bending stress neat the hose-coupling junction so extra-long, more trouble-free hose life can be expected.

  • Friction Fit: no adhesives or clamps required to hold bend restrictor in place on hose assembly. Saves assembly cost.
  • Smooth finish will not scratch finish on equipment being washed.
  • Attractive appearance enhances look of quality.

Features and Benefits

  • Wide temperature helps give extra-long service life for both hot and cold power wash assemblies.
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +93°C (-40°F to +200°F).
  • Available in blue and black.
  • Size: -05 and -6.