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Quick Disconnect Couplers

Find a full line of hydraulic quick disconnects with a meaningful part number that makes coupling identification fast and easy, only at Gates. We offer premium quality quick disconnect couplers in a variety of sizes, body styles, and metals, including flush face and wing nut styles, dust caps, and plugs. If you need custom-designed metals for your non-standard hydraulic systems, contact the Gates MachineWorks team.

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Part # Product # Description Thread Size
10FQFF-12BKHD 725287425 G94923-1012 10FQFF-12BKHD 1 1/16-12
10FQFF-12FB 725287225 G94922-1012 10FQFF-12FB 1 1/16-12
10MQFF-12BKHD 725287405 G94913-1012 10MQFF-12BKHD 1 1/16-12
10MQFF-12FB 725287085 G94912-1012 10MQFF-12FB 1 1/16-12
12FQBA-12FP 725289715 G94021-1212 12FQBA-12FP 3/4-14
12FQFF-12FB 725287235 G94922-1212 12FQFF-12FB 1 1/16-12
12FQFF-12FBPP 725287275 G94925-1212 12FQFF-12FBPP 3/4-14
12FQFF-12FP 725287175 G94921-1212 12FQFF-12FP 3/4-14
12FQFFH-12FP 725288185 G95021-1212 12FQFFH-12FP 3/4-14
12FQP-12FP 725289985 G95621-1212 12FQP-12FP 3/4-14
1-10 of 166 Items