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Nylon Sleeve Guard

Sleeve providing abrasion resistance for individual hoses. Used to protect hose assemblies from abrasion. Maximum protection when bundling several hoses or hose assemblies together. Secured on hose with band-it clamps or Gates® clamp collars. Important: Be sure to heat the cut edges of the sleeve.

  • Downtime and maintenance costs are reduced by protecting hose from early abrasion failures.
  • Temperature Range: -40°F to 250°F (-40°C to 121°C).
  • Size: 22,9 mm - 111,8 mm.

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72771018 G81800-0042 HG-42
72771015 G81800-0032 HG-32
72771010 G81800-0014 HG-14
72771011 G81800-0016 HG-16
72771012 G81800-0020 HG-20
72771024 G81800-0046 HG-46
72771016 G81800-0038 HG-38
72771276 G81800-0064 HG-64
72771013 G81800-0024 HG-24
72771014 G81800-0028 HG-28
1-10 of 20 Items

Features and Benefits

  • Thousands of tiny Nylon filaments woven into the texturized yarn "friz" into a self renesing shield that is extremely resistant to severe abrasion.
  • Nylon sleeves are unique because they form an extra protective layer against abrasive forces.
  • Gates sleeving also has MSHA flame-resistant approval.