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MegaClean™ Starter Kit

Starter kit to give you everything you need to get set up your hose shop assembly area to start manufacturing and selling clean assemblies. Three available; 1 1/4", 2", and 3 1/2" starter kits.

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Part # Product # Description
MC-K40-64 / MegaClean Starter Kit - K40-64 74670000 MC-K40-64 MC STARTER KIT-K40-64
MC-K20 / MegaClean Starter Kit-20 74670002 MC-K20 MEGACLEAN STARTER KIT-20
MC-K32 / MegaClean Starter Kit-32 74670001 MC-K32 MEGACLEAN STARTER KIT-32
1-3 of 3 Items