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LifeGuard Clamp Collar

Clamp collar for securing nylon abrasion sleeve by crimping the sleeve onto the hose. Aluminum crimp rings which are an integrated part of the line-of-sight protective system called LifeGuard.

  • Specially designed channel clamps allowing fluid to escape down the length of the assembly.
  • More effective than band-it clamps to secure sleeving in place during flexing.

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10SC-1 733460545 G81995-0110 10SC-1
10SC-1 XBULK 73346054 G81995-0110X 10SC-1 XBULK
10SC-2 733460515 G81995-0210 10SC-2
10SC-2 XBULK 73346051 G81995-0210X 10SC-2 XBULK
10SC-4 733460565 G81995-0410 10SC-4
10SC-4 XBULK 73346056 G81995-0410X 10SC-4 XBULK
12SC-1 733460755 G81995-0112 12SC-1
12SC-1 XBULK 73346075 G81995-0112X 12SC-1 XBULK
12SC-2 733460715 G81995-0212 12SC-2
12SC-2 XBULK 73346071 G81995-0212X 12SC-2 XBULK
1-10 of 32 Items