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Bite Sleeve

Bite Sleeves are a part of a compression fitting for use in hydraulic or pneumatic applications.

  • High quality brass material.

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Part # Product # Description
10ERT-10ERT 725990425 G73400-1010 10ERT-10ERT
3ERBS 725990025 G73050-0003 3ERBS
3ERT-3ERT 725990375 G73400-0303 3ERT-3ERT
4ERBS 725990035 G73050-0004 4ERBS
4ERT-2MP 725990505 G73100-0402 4ERT-2MP
4ERT-2MP90 725990975 G73104-0402 4ERT-2MP90
4ERT-4ERT 725990385 G73400-0404 4ERT-4ERT
4ERT-4MP 725990515 G73100-0404 4ERT-4MP
5ERT-5ERT 725990395 G73400-0505 5ERT-5ERT
6ERBS 725990055 G73050-0006 6ERBS
1-10 of 14 Items