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Threaded Sleeve

Gates threaded sleeve adapters are used with copper and aluminum tubing in air, oil, water, and lubrication systems.

  • Easy to assemble with no need for flaring.
  • Conform to ASME.
  • 500 PSI working pressure.

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Part # Product # Description
2DCN 725010255 G60593-0202 2DCN 6100X2
2DCN-21MP90 725010375 G60595-0221 2DCN-21MP90 6400X2X21
2DCN-2MP 725010305 G60594-0202 2DCN-2MP 6200X2
2DCN-2MP90 725010365 G60595-0202 2DCN-2MP90 6400X2
3DCN 725010265 G60593-0303 3DCN 6100X3
3DCN-2MP 725010325 G60594-0302 3DCN-2MP 6200X3
3DCN-2MP90 725010385 G60595-0302 3DCN-2MP90 6400X3
4DCN 725010275 G60593-0404 4DCN 6100X4
4DCN-2MP 725010335 G60594-0402 4DCN-2MP 6200X4
4DCN-2MP90 725010395 G60595-0402 4DCN-2MP90 6400X4
1-10 of 16 Items